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If You Are a Kaka, You Eat Doo Doo Presentations and Book Signing Events

In this 45 minute presentation I will read a small section of If You Are a Kaka, You Eat Doo Doo (Tilbury House Nature Books, May 2016) discussing fun animal facts, followed by a short Q&A about the book, illustration, and/or animals, and teach the students to draw different kinds of animal poop! If at all possible, the book should be read to the students before the presentation so they are familiar with the vocabulary and themes within the book.
Arrangements can be made for book signing events as well.

Age Range: 5-9
Available for school, library, nature center, and zoo visits.
I can also do Skype visits upon request.
Please contact me at saralynn.creative(at)gmail.com for more info.

Praise for "If You Are A Kaka, You Eat Doo Doo":

Who knew there could be so many words for animal poo? Feces, scat, meconium, guano, frass, honeydew—and their relatives, defecate, cloaca, anus, anal tube—not only are there many words, there are many uses for poo in the natural world. In this appealing celebration, a wide and wonderful range of animals explains how they use fecal material for communication, defense, cooling, decoration, and even food. Each spread focuses on a different species. These animals directly address readers, using the words “we” and “why” to explain their habits. Speech bubbles explain details in the digital illustrations, and an additional paragraph or two, in a smaller font, add further information. The cast of characters includes creatures from around the world. From hairy-nosed wombats to doodlebugs, there are familiar species, such as chickadees and sloths, and unusual ones, such as golden tortoise beetles, blind cave salamanders, and shoebills. Most pages show more than one creature, and each is unusually well-identified—even with Latin names—in an index illustrated with thumbnail images. The backmatter also has a glossary of italicized words used in the text, including that impressive array of synonyms, and an essay describing human uses, including the possibility of poo-powered planes. Doo-doo rush out to get copies; these will shoot off the shelves. (Informational picture book. 5-9).

If You Are a Kaka, You Eat Doo Doo is a rare blend of fun and science. Who knew that male bowerbirds decorate their homes with caterpillar droppings to impress the ladies, or that golden tortoise beetles fend off predators using shields crafted from poop? This book will have readers of all ages laughing and learning!
-- Paul Erickson, author of the NSTA/CBC Outstanding Trade Science Award winning The Pier at the End of the World

I work with a lot of doo doo in my job, and this engaging book impresses me with its accurate information and its colorful, kid-friendly illustrations. It will be a great fit in any curriculum!
-- Carrie Bassett, Education Specialist, Akron Zoo

Who knew that poo has so many uses? If You Are a Kaka, is a perfect mixture of science and silliness that will make you and your child giggle, leaving you in awe of nature's genius. This refreshing book will inspire young people to think creatively about how we can follow nature's example, transforming dangerous pollutants into valuable resources.
-- Sasha Kramer, Ph.D., Co-founder and Executive Director, Sustainable Organic Integrated Livelihoods (SOIL)